Bohol Surprise Tour 3

Destination Location Tour Highlights
1Albur Calamay Industry Alburquerque Experience how to prepare Bohol’s Calamay and have a taste of this famous delicacy.
2Loay Ironsmith Workshop Loay See how local craftsmen make knives (Bolo). You can also participate in making one.
3Balay sa Humay and Lunch Batuan Learn the process of how organic rice is produced, and have a sumptuous lunch.
4Bohol Biodiversity Complex Bilar Visit Bohol Biodiversity Complex where you will learn how to identify different tree species. You can even plant your own tree and help make Bohol a greener place.
5Clarin Ancestral House Loay Take a glimpse of Boholano architectural design by tour inside the ancestral house owned by the Clarin family. It was owned by a former governor of Bohol in the 1840s.