Bohol Surprise Tour 8

DestinationLocationTour Highlights
1Baybayon Fishing Village TourMabiniRide a fishing boat and snorkel for giant clams or spread the picnic-mat at the low-tide sandbar. Then sail to gape at Naasug Cliffs but resist the beckoning aquamarine dip
2Lunch at Baybayon Fish portMabiniFeast on fish, greencabs, shells and prawn farm, the freshest catch from Baybayon
3Ermita Ruins with Historical MysteryDimiaoUnder the shadow of an old stone-walled cemetery lie a crumbling secondary burial ground that hides the town’s mysterious Spanish history
4Music & Sound of DiminaoDimiaoThey pick, pluck and strum. The music they make speaks of a culture best expressed by the children and the rondalla of Dimiao

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